Piet Vink Prijs

When you know of a special project or initiative that is run by volunteers and is important to society you can make the project come forward for the Piet Vink-prijs (Piet Vink award).
Every year the Society of Former Members of the Municipal Council present the Piet Vink award, which was named after the former Deputy Mayor Piet Vink (1927-2002). Projects that bridge gaps in society, that create solidarity and in which volunteers play an important part have an opportunity of winning prizes with a total of € 4500,00.
This year is the thirteenth time that the award will be presented. In former years the award was won by the community farm De Nijkamphoeve, the beekeeper Blije Bijen (2015) and Telefooncirkel Laak (2016).

Projects can be registered (written on one A4 sheet) until 14 September at:
Vereniging van Oud-Gemeenteraadsleden p/a Griffie Gemeenteraad,
for the attention of Mrs J. van der Salm
Postbus 19157; 2500 CD Den Haag
or per Email: jolanda.vandersalm@denhaag.nl

Piet Vink
As member of the Municipal Council (1964 -1970) and Deputy Mayor (1970 – 1986) for youth, sports, recreation and culture) Piet Vink dedicated himself to the society of The Hague. He became the symbol for community work, community centres and sports clubs. When in 1986 he took his leave from active political life he was created honorary citizen of The Hague. From then on he dedicated himself to dozens of administrative or advisory positions in social organisations in The Hague.

For more information (in Dutch):  www.vogdenhaag.nl

13 June 2017