Plan for Expansion of Madurodam

Six months now Madurodam has been working on a plan for expansion. More roofed in space is needed to entertain visitors and children and introduce them to The Netherlands in more ways than just the exhibition of miniature buildings. According to this plan 1,6 hectare of the surroundings grounds will be added to the park.
On 8 July 2016 representatives of the A&W residents community were present at the informative meeting.
At the site  “Kader voor de toekomst” – klik hier  you can see the plan as it is presented now. Madurodam expands in the direction of Ver-Huellweg. In this new area pavilions with green roofs will be built that will house variable presentations. The paved entrance square (George Maduroplein) will be made more green and busses will no longer be allowed to park there. The outer edges of the park along Haringkade and Teldersweg will become a green area. The sheds, workshops and parking spaces on the Haringkade side of the premises will be moved to Teldersweg. There will be a bicycle lane from Haringkade to Ver-Huellweg.

Both the deputy mayors who are responsible for this plan are in favour of it. The Haagse Stadspartij and SOS Den Haag are of the opinion that too much green area is sacrificed. After the summer there will be a second meeting with all the parties concerned.

15 July 2016,   (MM)