Police: Prevent Theft from Cars

7 thru 11 October 2013 is the week the Police of The Hague brings prevention of theft from cars to the attention of the public. The number of thefts can be lower than it is, when for instance  car-owners do not leave any  belongings in the car.

Car-burglars do not look for any particular car. They strike when they spot valuable objects in the car like laptops, navigation equipment or bags. A simple jacket or plastic shopping-bag can be a trigger – you never know what is in the jacket’s pockets or in the shopper, so the burglar takes his chance.

When you cannot take everything with you into the house, at least put them into the boot of the car and lock it. You might even consider to buy a car-safe (VbV – SCM).

Please call 112 when you notice suspicious behaviour. Car-thieves on the prowl often behave in a suspicious way: they walk too and fro among parked cars, with too much attention – peering through car-windows, trying the doors. A tip from an attentive passer-by may help the police to catch a thief red-handed.

5 October 2013, FH