Political forum on traffic – 30 March

Save the date: on Thursday 30 March a political forum about the introduction of urban residential areas will be organized at ‘t Klokhuis. When these residential areas will be realized the result would be that they would only be accessible to local traffic (and not to through traffic),  which would make them safer and more livable.

For a long time the community organisation Archipel & Willemspark has pleaded with the Municipality to introduce such urban residential areas and let A&W be one of them. In the past the community organisation already handed in a number of suggestions to improve the livability and safety in this respect. These suggestions should among other things lead to less through traffic on Javastraat and Laan Copes.

Traffic spokesmen of De Haagse Stadspartij, D’66 and VVD will take part in the forum. The municipal elections will be in March 2018, but the election programmes will be written up in the coming months. That is why we organize the forum now. The forum will be built around a number of theses.

We urgently request you to join us on 30 March, 19.30 hrs at ‘t Klokhuis (Celebesstraat 4, The Hague) and take part in the discussion about an issue that is so important for our districts.
Please register before 15 March via  secretariaat@archipelwillemspark.nl.

We want to avail ourselves of the opportunity and ask you to inform the community council of all dangerous traffic situations in Archipel and Willemspark via the same email address  secretariaat@archipelwillemspark.nl
 For instance road crossings that are not surveyable, streets with bad lighting, no zebra crossing, etc. We shall collect all this information and raise the matter with the Municipality.


25 January 2017, Community Organisation A&W  (MM)