Possible ideas for a local ‘The Hague Bridge’ event

Recently we posted information about more opportunities in 2012 for initiatives from city districts for ‘The Hague Bridge’ events that address the need of expats to get to know the city, local residents and other expats as well. As residents of The Hague we can qualify for a subsidy for small-scale initiatives which strengthen ties with one another.

There are already a few ideas on the table for a ‘Hague Bridge’ event in the Archipelbuurt and Willemspark.

  1. Organise an international ‘play day’ involving the three primary schools (the HSV has an English-language stream for international pupils) in A&W, featuring traditional children’s games from various countries.
  2. Organise an international picnic with the English Church or the Cantaloup Club House for all A&W residents.
  3. Introduce local professional networks like the Linkedin A&W Netwerk and the Women’s Business Initiative International to one another. 
  4. Start up a local sustainability project with the Klimaatfonds in Riouwstraat or Shell.
  5. Organise an Activities Fair to showcase activities, courses and workshops available in the neighbourhood (for example for children) in which local Dutch and internationals can take part together.

What do you think?
Are these the sort of ideas that appeal to you? Would you be prepared to help organise or turn up to such events? Do you have ideas of your own?

Please let us know what you think by contacting: