Postal facilities

Nassauplein Post Office closes

Local employee reminisces

After years of sterling service we have to say goodbye to all those familiar faces behind the counter in our local post office on Nassauplein. They were a mine of information and provided an indispensable service to many members of our community. On behalf of every one in the neighbourhood: MANY, MANY THANKS!

From now on similar services will be available at

  • Primera, Bankastraat 3a, stamps and sending packages
  • Day2Night, Frederikstraat 593-595 (cul-de-sac leading to Mallemolen), stamps
  • The Printer, Frederikstraat 74-76, PO boxes  
  • Gebroeders Winter, Mauritskade 81, stamps and sending packages

For ING transactions/cashpoint:

  • Prins Hendrikplein 15