Pre-lustrum activities by esGROOT

Little bird on your wall? Cake? Art class? Pre-lustrum activities by esGROOT for all local residents

Participate in a drawing class; have a cake baked for you; enjoy a meal with someone; have a little bird painted on your wall … This is a selection from the range of initiatives devised by members of the esGROOT chamber choir to fill their lustrum piggy bank.

The lustrum concert is on Saturday evening November 17 — and that will be special! We then bring the hiSTORY especially written for us that is about the Archipelbuurt and about esGROOT. We are very happy with the Misa Criolla, which we are now studying and will perform together with an Argentinian music ensemble. So it is going to be a party!

What do you register for? On the website from esGROOT you can view our total offer.

17 May 2018 pac