Prevention Car Burglary

Between 7 and 12 March 2016 police officers of police station Jan Hendrikstraat launch the campagne “Geef autokrakers geen kans!” (prevent car burglary). Often it is easy for thieves to burglar cars. That is why the Police warn car owners against the risks and give tips for the prevention of burglary or theft of the car.

Sometimes simple measures will be sufficient. Park your car in a well lit spot near houses or other buildings. Do not leave valuables in your car, in any case not in sight. Do you use a loose navigation system? Remove the holder, replace the cigarette lighter and make sure that the holder does not leave a mark on the wind screen. Burglars will think that you hid the navigation system in the car when they see the mark.

When you lock your car with the remote control of the central locking system, then check the door grip to see if the car is really locked. Car burglars use a so-called “jammer” that disrupts the radio waves and so prevents the car being locked with the remote control. Then they only need to wait till you walk away, thinking that you locked your car, and seize their opportunity. A track-and-trace system  that can help to localize the vehicle will also be switched off. Once the car is stolen it will be untraceable.

Be alert! When you see something that looks suspicious then call 112 immediately. Report what you see or hear and the police will take action. Later you will be informed about the results. Is there no urgency, but you want to inform the police? Then you can call 0900-8844. For instance when you realize later that some person behaved syspciously or when you find that your has been broken into.  Do you have concrete information about perpetrators or vehicles they used, but you prefer to remain anonymous? Give your information via “Meld Misdaad Anoniem” at 0800-7000 (report crime anonymously).

When you are victim to a car burglary you want the perpetrator to be caught and the damages to be compensated. When you do not report the police cannot start an investigation and you cannot recover damages from the perpetrator or the insurance.

You can report:
* via or
* by appointment at the police station  (via 0900-8844)

For more information about reporting you can go to the website mentioned.

3 March  2016, Sven van Ee (MM)