Protest against Plans International Park

When one goes to the website Den Haag – Ontwikkeling Internationaal Park  one finds there a pdf link to the “Concept-Ambitiedocument Ontwikkeling Internationaal Park“. It contains 170 pages, the text is in Dutch, but  full of illustrations, many of which speak for themselves. The English translation by Mrs Aria Veen can be found on facebook on the page “Behoud Scheveningse bosjes, Waterpartij en Westbroekpark”.

* When one goes to page 104 and 105 one finds the street plan for the new park: a network of concrete roads, 6 m. wide with streetlamps,  further more 3 m. wide asphalt paths, then 2 to 3 m. wide semi-hardened paths and finally dirt paths.
On either side of the 6 m. wide concrete roads a 2 m. wide gravel path and a 6,5 m. wide open space is planned (total 23 m. wide).

* Page 107 tells us that there will be a 5 km concrete ring road of this size encircling the whole park + a 3,2 km concrete ring road encircling the heart of the park.

* Page  88 and 89 tell us about the 6 grand park entrances. Spaceous, paved with concrete, lit by fancy streetlamps. Page 119 gives an illustration.

*  Page 42 shows the plan for entertainment areas on the outskirts of the park, surrounding the tranquility area where one can relax in the peace of the  natural wood – that has 6 m. wide concrete roads with streetlamps  (which means 23 m. wide open thoroughfares) running though it.

* In the entertainment area in the Scheveningse Bosjes are planned among other things  a beer-garden, food trucks and a jukebox.  Entrepreneurs are invited to develop further initiatives.

To realize the ambitious plans for a grand International Park a lot of trees and undergrowth in the Scheveningse Bosjes will have to be cut down and a lot of soil will be covered with concrete and asphalt. One wonders what effect the streetlamps and the entertainment will have on the natural life and the silence in the natural wood.

Browse through the Ambitiedocument and form your own opinion. And when you do not approve of items in the plans please email
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14 December 2015  (MM)