Public Space working group

The municipality of The Hague has recently submitted a logging request for 30 trees in the Bosje van Repelaer. The following substantiation for the application is given from the municipality.

This is a thinning in the forest area (je) with a size of approx. 6,000 m2. The trees in this area are predominantly Maples. Of these Maples there are a large number of multi-stemmed and of lower quality. The trees are very close to each other and by removing these trees the trees in the vicinity will be able to develop better. By planting a number of new trees in various places, the diversity in the grove will improve. The sub-planting will also increase in diversity due to the improved entry of light. 15 trees will be replanted in the bush. A further 15 other trees are planted in the immediate vicinity (Javabosjes). The planned hood has been discussed with the representatives of the adjacent courtyard.

Public Space Working Group