Questions about the Willemsparkschool Buildingsite

Question: Hallo Elly, amongst other things I read that the soil was REMOVED. But that soil is still there, in a big heap. Is this not a danger to public health?  And I missed the message why no work has been done for more than a week? (signed:) Inge Ebbinge

Answer: No work has been done because the piles are ready, but the soilmix cellar walls have not hardened yet. In preparation of the pile fundation, soil has been removed. This week the digging of the cellar will start and then again soil will be removed. The soil is not polluted with volatile chemicals and is therefore no danger to public health.  The cleaning up of the soil is under the supervision of a “MilieuKundigBegeleider” (MKB-er; environmental expert). (signed:) Elly van Bentem.

 2 April 2014, FH