Recipe: Chicken Ragout that will serve 100 eaters

Recipe from the cookbook  ‘COOKING FOR CROWDS’ published by the protestant church organisation Straatpastoraat.

Chicken ragout for 100 eaters and 20 vegetarians

The complete meal: green peas/mint soup, chicken ragout, rice, carrot salad, apple/blueberry crumble
Budget: including bread with the soup and fruit to take away, € 170,-. Desert not included.

Grocery list for chicken ragout:

10 kg chicken breast or chicken thigh
20 leaves of mace
24 maggi cubes
24 litres of water
5 kg sliced mushrooms
5 kg chopped onions
500 g butter
500 g flour
10 lemons
3 litres of whipped cream
5 large bunches of parsley
black peper
eventually: bouquet garni of onion, carrot, thyme, laurel

Vegetarian variant
2 kg halmoumni  cheese cubes

Chicken ragout combines the creamy taste of the ragout with the fresh taste of lemon, parsley and black pepper. Usually one makes it by taking stock from a soup chicken; in the kitchen for the homeless we do not have time for that. The leaves of mace will add that typical taste of broth.

1. Cook the chicken slowly with the maggi cubes and the mace (and if you wish the bouquet garni).
2. Strain, allow to cool and cut the chicken into cubes
3. Melt the butter and gently fry the onions until they are waxy
4. Add the mushrooms, stir
5. Add the flour and stir
6. Add the chicken cubes, stir
7. Add cream and parsley; lemon and black pepper to taste
8. Do not cook after the cream has been added

How much meat? In order to keep this recipe within budget the mushrooms substitue part of the meat.

Add the chicken as late as possible. Do not let it cook again so that the cubes will not fall apart.

6 February 2016