Recipe for Tiramisu by Alexander Miserandino


500 gr mascarpone
1 tablespoon of powdered sugar
4 – 5 eggs (depending on the size)
1 – 2 lange vingers (finger-shaped sweet biscuits)
500 ml freshly made strong coffee

Put the mascarpone in a bowl. Separate the yolks from the whites, add the yolks and the sugar to the mascarpone. Keep the egg whites in a separate bowl.
Beat the yolks and sugar through the mascarpone. Beat the egg whites till they are stiff (they have to be really stiff, adding a piece of lemon peel will help). With a wooden spoon stirr the egg whites through the mascarpone mass – very carefully or the egg whites will collapse.
Take a square baking tin or ovenware with a high brim. Soak the lange vingers in the coffee and lay them as a first layer in the baking tin. Than a layer of the mascarpone-and-egg white mixture, after that another layer of lange vingers, etc. until you have four or five layers. The top layer should be mascarpone.

14 April 2017