Regio Team UNICEF Den Haag e.o. thanks Archipel area Denneweg!

17 April 2018 pac
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In 2017 we got the opportunity of the manager of AH Sumatrastraat Duco Uphof to collect once a quarter for UNICEF. That has become a huge success! In a year, no less than a total amount of € 5,200.61.

A beautiful amount that is not achieved at any other supermarket, because in total we have collected € 10,000 with the collection at 3 supermarkets in The Hague. This year we may again collect 4x at these supermarkets and we hope to count on your generous gift again!

In addition, halfway through 2017, we started expanding the small balls of UNICEF, the so-called UFOs, in the vicinity of the Dennenweg / Frederickstraat and in the Bankastraat. That was also a great success. In total, that has yielded € 1004.13!

The retailers who participated in 2017 and also participate in 2018 are: Bankastraat: Pharmacy Nauta, Drugstore Dio, Exotenhof, Primera De Archipel and Slagerij Matla; Surroundings Denneweg / Frederickstraat: Les Tissus Colbert (Frederikstraat), Drugstore “De Den”, Bakery Hessing, Madal Bal (Denneweg) and Broodjes van Keijzer and Westerman (Maliestraat).

Thank you for your cooperation and, of course, also everyone who donated, on behalf of UNICEF The Hague e.o. thank you!!
Together with other neighborhoods of The Hague e.o. is in total € 2739,66 in 6 months of 2017 with these UFOs picked up !!

The money goes directly to UNICEF NL    And to give you an idea what UNICEF can do with € 100, -:
• school stuff for 16 children;
•help for 2 severely malnourished children and their mother;
• polio vaccines for 205 children;
• clean drinking water for 11 children a year

For questions or reactions: Jan Marijnissen Chairman Regio Team UNICEF The Hague e.o.