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Call for Traffic and Environment: register as Air Watcher for The Hague

Milieudefensie won the lawsuit against the Dutch State for healthy air on 7 September 2017. The government must now quickly and solidly improve air quality. The only question is whether the government will actually do this. That is why Milieudefensie wants to keep an eye on the government for a year with as many people as possible since January 2018. Milieudefensie is therefore looking for so-called air guards, especially in the seven cities where the laws and standards are exceeded, including The Hague. There is also a petition for healthy air to increase the pressure on the government. This is also important in view of the municipal elections of 21 March 2018.

As an Airman you do what you are good at. You can choose from:

Check whether your city is taking the right measures, so that we can take new steps if necessary
Talk to local politicians from your city so that they can take action
Tell about the problems in your city so that as many people know about it.
You do this together with other Air Watchers from your city. Milieudefensie supports with manuals, workshops and other resources.

A kick-off meeting for The Hague Air Watchmen is scheduled for January 23, 2018, location and time will follow.
1. Register as Air Watcher and sign up for the newsletter via:
2. Sign the Sustainable Petition on the next one website.

20 November 2017 pac