Report a crime online?

You do not always have to go to a police station to report a crime. There are many instances where you can do this via the Internet.

  • Do you want to report (attempted) theft, burglary or vandalism?
  • Or has your bike or moped been stolen?

Then this can be done online.

  • Has your home has been broken into or has property been stolen from you home?
  • Do you want to report the theft of a registered car or boat?
  • Have your identity papers been stolen?
  • Has a crime has been committed at Schiphol or been discovered on arrival at Schiphol?
  • Has a case of shoplifting occurred and the culprit is known?

In such cases you can make a report in the conventional way by contacting the police via 0900-8844 (local tariff) or by going to your local police station.

Policing in the Netherlands