Residences in De Vredeskapel?

IMG_0001De Vredeskapel has been sold. Rumor has it that the new owner intends to convert the building into one or more residences. De Vredeskapel is a national monument, so it may take some doing before he can start. Most readers will know that last year the Stichting Vredeskapel was founded to preserve De Vredeskapel as a ‘home in the neighbourhood’, as a meeting place for contemplation and culture. So many volunteers and hirers came forward that considering to purchase the building  seemed a possibility.

Unfortunately De Vredeskapel had to be closed down after a few months, because the roof was in a bad state of repair and it might come down. At first we hoped that this closure would be of short duration, but that hope proved to be idle. The hirers went elsewhere and the purchase of the building remained an unfulfilled dream. Now the Protestantse Gemeente Den Haag has sold De Vredeskapel. It is presumed that the new owner will combine the roof repair with the renovation of the building for a new destination.

7 November 2015,  B. ter Haar   (MM)