Restaurant Blauw

The bank was not happy to see him coming, with today’s  economy in heavy weather. Therefore Stefan Vreugdenburg (49), entrepeneur in the hotel and catering business, decided to change his tactics. To make his youngest dream come true and open an Indonesian restaurant on Javastraat, he went to Via that platform he invited investors to invest their money in Blauw, as he named his new business. Two days later he had the € 125.000 he needed. “Merely a matter of a good businessplan,” says Vreugdenburg, winking …

Stefan Vreugdenburg (in the picture on the right) and his chef Agus Hermawan: “We have named the restaurant Blauw. A long time ago that was a term of abuse (boys of Indonesian descent were condescendingly called blauwe jongens, blue boys, because of the blue shine on their black hair), but not anymore. Today it is a name we are proud of.”

19 November 2012