Ribbons around Scheveningseweg trees in protest

The Hague interest groups and three political parties in the city council in The Hague have confirmed ribbons along the Scheveningseweg for the trees that will soon be cut down. The action was ended prematurely by the police. But the campaigners succeeded in providing a large part of the 130 trees with a ribbon in time.

“Normally the municipality does that as soon as the logging permit has been applied for, but in this case the municipality has failed to do so. That’s why these people have taken it up themselves so that everyone can see which trees have to make way for the new tram rails “, says Clara Visser of Bomenstichting Den Haag (clavi@hetnet.nl, 070-356 20 31)

The majority of the city council agreed to a new rail construction in which the trees would be destroyed. The leafy Scheveningseweg with its mature rows of trees got this sight through the efforts of college and council in the early 1980s. Young chestnuts were then planted in such a way that they did not get in the way of a new track. Yet they will soon be cut down while there were other solutions.

“There is an alternative where many more trees can remain standing. By reinforcing the foundation with steel piles only 16 trees had to be grubbed up. But the city authorities and the HTM were not open to it “, according to Peter Drijver from Stichting SOS Den Haag. “This makes it clear what the city council has decided in majority, namely a track replacement at the expense of at least 130 trees along the Monumental Scheveningseweg”.

The parties Groep de Mos, Partij voor de Dieren and GroenLinks are also part of this campaign: “Let the voters make a choice based on facts. D66, VVD, HSP, PvdA and CDA have opted for this unnecessary tree cover. Just before the elections, these parties all call for green to be so important, but they have been freezing cold before this very radical tree cover, of which no one can form a precise picture in The Hague. ”

PAC 11 March 2018