Rijker Leven project

The municipality has facilitated a Rijker Leven project with the aim of combating loneliness among the elderly. In the meantime, a number of successful initiatives have been developed in the Archipel, such as discussion groups, culture clubs, a reading club, giving lectures by local residents prior to the monthly neighborhood drink in the Schakelpunt.
Two new projects are currently being worked out, one, a story project called Hidden Treasures, which will start on June 13 in the Archipel / Willemspark.
To be able to inform as many people as possible about this project, I would like to get in touch with the “street associations” in our neighborhood. I myself am active in the Balistraat association, but I do not know the contact persons and addresses of other associations. Hopefully you can send me information about this that could help us further.
Christien Modderman
5.29.19 pac