Rules for ‘pavement gardens’

By lifting a few paving slabs many residents have been able to create veritable mini-oases along our streets. The lush vegetation breaks the monotony of the bricks and makes the street scene more attractive … but there are certain rules. Don’t let them become ‘a thorn in the side’ for others!

 The rules with which ‘pavement gardens’ have to comply set out by the municipal council are as follows:

  • they should leave at least 1.2 metres (approximately 4 paving slabs) of pavement free for passersby;
  • if the ‘garden’ is to be more than one-and-a-half paving slabs deep, permission has to be obtained from the council;
  • shrubs and trees must not be planted in the pavement garden because the root systems could damage the foundations of the houses;
  • the house owner is responsible for the maintenance of the pavement garden and is obliged to prune overhanging branches and to remove weeds, dead leaves and dead flowers.