Second air quality measuring station in Archipel

On a number of locations in our city the EU norm for the quality of the air is still being exceeded:  Mauritskade, Javastraat, Hoefkade, Vaillantlaan and Raamweg. The Hague has only one mobile measuring station for the quality of the air and it is stationed at Vaillantlaan. Exceeding the norm for the  emission of fine dust and soot can lead to serious health problems. That is why residents of the Archipel neighbourhood want to know what their situation is.

De Haagse Stadspartij now wants to find a budget for a second measuring station for air quality, which can be put in service to monitor the problem points in the Archipel neighbourhood  (Mauritskade and Javastraat). Councillor Gerwin van Vulpen: “Our present measuring station is on Vaillantlaan where we want to monitor the situration because we expect an increase of traffic there. De Haagse Stadspartij has for some time argued in favour of the purchase of a second measuring station. I am glad that my colleagues of VVD and CDA now also want to monitor the situation in the Archipel neighbourhood. Taking the health of the residents into consideration the purchase of a second measuring station is no unnecessary luxury!”

Information: Gerwin van Vulpen (Haagse Stadspartij), tel. 06 42271033
Eveline van Leeuwen (communication), tel. 06 29046114

19 May 2017