Share and borrow and bring the community together

Streetbank is a website that helps you share and borrow things from your neighbours. It was originally the bright idea of Sam in Fulham, London. A member of the A&W Community Newspaper’s editorial team discovered it and now nineteen locals in our community have taken it to their hearts.

Brings communities together
Communities that help each other are closer, nicer and friendlier to live in. We all know Archipel & Willemspark is a nice place to live but this initiative could make it even nicer and help you get to know more of your neighbours.

Makes economic and environmental sense
It also makes sense economically. If there are 100 houses on your road and each of them uses a ladder maybe once a year to clean the guttering, they probably don’t all need their own ladder. One ladder shared between everyone should be enough.

Sign up now –  it’s easy
The site gives you access to a whole load of stuff, is good for the environment, saves you money and builds community all in one go. It is totally free to join, though to become a member you have to show that you are a little bit community spirited by offering one thing you would be willing to lend or give away. It can be really low-value items like DVDs, a guidebook or it can be higher value things like an old TV you want to get rid of.

An e-mail alerts you to a new member in the neighbourhood but you can choose exactly how much email you get on the email settings page. There’s a weekly newsletter with everything that’s new in your area and you can turn on (or off) other types of email too if you want to.More …

Use your local website too
You can post what you have to offer on your local A&W website, too. We have a prikbord or a noticeboard (depending  whether you are Dutch or an international resident) where you can advertise things you want to sell or get rid of as well as things you are looking for.

One of the nineteen locals
February 2011