Short Report Community Council 23 January

The attitude towards the plans for the renovation of Bankastraat is positive, but there was a discussion about a few negative points. Bakery Bornheim, for instance, is concerned about the traffic congestion that might occur in front of its shop.

Concern also about the future of Park Sorghvliet.

It was not possible to come to an agreement concerning the location of a playground, so there will be no playground.

Is there nothing we can do about the deterioration of the Couperus house on Surinamestraat?

The entrepreneurs in our neighbourhood are creating an association that will have its own website.

What can be done to make ‘t Klokhuis accessible when the work on the sewage system starts in that part of Celebesstraat? The representative of the Municipality made a note.

Eva Drijver is taking leave of the Community Newspaper.

24  January 2014, FH