Short Report on Community Council Meeting of 19 June 2014

Wijkberaad 196_opt

Our local Police Officer Hans Plat had an urgent request: to let him know when you feel that one of your neighbours has become so lonely and isolated that the situation has become unbearable.

The working group Through Traffic reported the sad fact that the new Municipal Council seems to insist on the plans for the Rotterdamse Baan. On the other hand our advice to make Schelpkade an exit road for Willemspark was put into practice.

The traffic situation on the new Javabrug is not yet perfect. A few details have to be added and road users still have to get used to the new situation.

Both the Community Council and the neighbours raise an objection to the plans concerning the building of the former training course for librarians on Celebesstraat. They object to the planned heightening of the building.

19  June 2014, FH