Social Sofa project

Symbolic handing over of social sofa to community 

November 2009 – The social sofa is finished and it looks great. It was transported to Bankastraat with a forklift truck on 26 October.

Photos: Karen Kommer Designer: Irene Vonck

The present location of our social sofa is not ideal, so it has been agreed that a more suitable spot will be found once the remodeling of the broad section of Bankstraat has taken place. In the meantime we can all still get a lot of pleasure from it; perhaps even enjoy a few rays of sunshine as well. The mosaic decoration on the sofa reflects the link between the former Dutch East Indies and the street names in Archipelbuurt.

The symbolic handing over to the community takes place on Saturday 14 November at 15.30 next to Café Banka.

Five minutes of fame – our Social Sofa volunteers in the limelight

Thanks to The Hague EXpats TV, the labour of love to create our beautiful Social Sofa has been captured on film for posterity. Even as the sofa was being worked on it was fulfilling its function: bringing people together.

Australian Lisa, who arrived in the Archipelbuurt just nine months ago, and Jennifer from the UK have certainly made a few more friends in the neighbourhood and have been able to practice their Dutch.

We owe all of these volunteers a huge vote of gratitude for their wonderful work. It will be a joy to behold for many years to come!

The work is finished
26 October 2009 – Sofa is transported to Bankastraat where it replaces the wooden bench next to Cafe Banka.

22 October 2009 – It took 17 days of hard work by a group of dedicated volunteers, but wasn’t it worth it!

Work has started in earnest on the Social Sofa

14 October 2009 – As you can see below, thanks to the hard work of the volunteers the A&W Social Sofa is taking shape. And even the kids and expats are getting in on the act!

10 October 2009 – Extra help sought. Work is well underway on mosaicing the social sofa but extra volunteers would be most welcome. Do you have time to lend a hand?

Then pop along to Sumatrastraat 241 (through the entranceway to garage number 263) any weekday between 9.00 and 16.00 (work usually goes on into the evening too).

1 October 2009 – Suitable accommodation has been found and with the help of Irene Vonck, the designer of the theme for the sofa, a group of dedicated volunteers has started its labour of love to produce A&W’s Social Sofa.

The Indisch theme is beginning to take shape as the island contours are filled in with the mosaic pieces on sheets of adhesive film, which can be easily flipped in order to glue each island of the Indonesian archipelago to the sofa.