Soenda-, or Sundastraat as it was spelled from 1879 to 1922, bring us once again onto familiar ground: the Indonesian archipelago.

The Great Sunda Islands make up the largest part of the archipelago and include Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Celebes, Banka and Billiton, while the Little Sunda Islands include Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba and Timor. Sunda Strait is also an important sea route offering passage between Sumatra and Java and uniting the Indian Ocean with the Java Sea. Just shows how a modest street can have great credentials.

15 Soendastraat
Soendastraat is also home to Stichting Steinmetz/ Compaan, a residential home for people with a men- tal handicap. The attractive property houses 17 apart- ments, a dining and recreation hall, a kitchen for the night supervisor and an office. Residents are mostly between 50 and 80 and the Florence Foundation is closely involved in their care. There is a regular bus service ferrying the residents to the doctor, hospital, day trips to families, etc. Half are away somewhere during the day.

The premises in Soendastraat is the Steinmetz Foundation’s showpiece: beautiful building, beautifully renovated and in a beautiful neighbourhood. Do the residents enjoy leaving here? The shopkeepers are very kind but unfortunately that is as far as it goes. A second

bench will be installed on the street at the front of the building shortly and hopefully this will encourage more interaction between the residents and the community.

Volunteers needed!
More contact is certainly needed and members of the community are invited to the monthly ”Smulavond” (tasty get-together) where residents, family members and the community can regularly enjoy meals from differ- ent cuisines together for €7.50. There is a great need for volunteers who are prepared to take walks and go on day trips with the residents, or help out with odd jobs in the home.

For more information contact Mr. Nenne van der Meer at 070 331 76 08 or

Archipel&Willemspark Newspaper, February 2009

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