Special Concert in honour of Vredeskapel

Photo EPB

The Vredeskapel will be closed-down. Angela Kaptein, who lives across the street, decided not to let this pass unnoticed.  She invited a group of musical friends to give a free concert  on  Saturday afternoon 16 February,  which was a great success. About 90 visitors greatly enjoyed a musical journey through the ages, that began with Sweelinck who was born in 1562 and ended with Britten who died in 1976.

The Sweelinck piece, played on the church’s organ, sounded very familiar to Dutch ears. The final Britten piece, played on tree oboes, consisted of a number of variations on “Happy Birthday to you”. And in between? Lovely pieces by a whole range of composers played by brilliant musicians, many of them amateurs who find their inspiration in their love for music. The grateful audience thanked  them with long and loud rounds of applause.

After the concert friends and good neighbours shared a happy hour. Let us  hope that this long afternoon with its atmosphere of warmth and beauty was a pre-view of the future of the Vredeskapel.

16 February 2013