Spring Energy Cafe

8 March 2013 quite a few residents attended the Spring Energy gathering in the Grand Cafe at Winkelman & Van Hessen. The theme was green energy outdoors.
Roof specialists showed ready for use sedum sods to cover rooftops.  
When your own roof is not suited for sun energy collectors, one can register (this month at a discount!) for collectors on the roof of the Caballero Factory.
Enthousiastic gardeners showed how to create a small paradise for birds, bees, butterflies and  humans. There were packages of seeds and green olivine sand to take home, sothat one could start right away. 
As usual the catering was excellent with home-made green-neighbourhood-soup (thanks to the Exotenhof), pastries, buns and all sorts of drinks.
We are looking forward to the next green meeting!
8 March 2013,  AB