Stricter Corona measures as of November 13

Dear Madam, Sir,

The new Corona measures came into effect on Saturday 13 November. This is to prevent the rapid increase in the number of infections and further pressure on healthcare. The measures are aimed at reducing the number of contact moments per day. What does this mean to you? In this newsletter we discuss the new measures that apply to you:
a. Masks duty
b. 1.5-metre distance
c. Work at home unless there really is no other option
d. Catering industry
e. Corona admission ticket
f. Opening hours
g. QR code and scan

aMasks obligation

  • Face masks are mandatory from the age of 13 in all publicly accessible buildings within and covered areas where no corona admission ticket is used, including in neighborhood rooms, locations of residents’ organizations, welfare locations, etc.;
  • Face masks are worn when a person is walking or standing. If a person is sitting, the mouth cap can be taken off.

b. 1,5 meters away required again

Keep 1,5 meters away from each other;

  • This applies to anyone over the age of 18. Children up to the age of 12 do not have to keep their distance between themselves and adults. Young people up to the age of 18 keep 1.5 meters away from adults. They don’t have to keep a distance between themselves;
    Keeping a distance is not mandatory in places where a corona ticket is valid.

c. Work at home unless there really is no other option

Your services cannot be provided from home, then this can also continue physically. We ask you and your organization to work from home as much as possible where possible and to plan your other appointments and consultations digitally. This applies to all civil society organisations, professional and voluntary.

d. Horeca

All catering must close at 8 p.m. This also means that cooking activities, including cooking and eating together, may last until 8 p.m. A cup of coffee/tea may be served during regular activities. A corona ticket applies to both indoor and outdoor terraces (food and beverage outlets). The cabinet makes an exception to the admission ticket for the catering industry for food and beverage outlets at locations for organized daytime activities for vulnerable groups. If a local resident comes for this activity, no admission ticket is required. If a local resident only comes to the community center/welfare location for the catering industry, a check does apply.

e. Corona admission ticket

No corona ticket is required for welfare locations. For events that are part of the regular operation of a neighborhood or community center, no corona ticket is required. Organized youth activities for children up to the age of 18 are also excluded from the use of the corona admission ticket.

In the following cases, an admission ticket from the age of 18 is mandatory:

  • Hospitality admission ticket. Both indoors and outdoors (food and beverage outlets), except for takeout.
  • Admission ticket externally organized event. If an event takes place on location, the rules for events apply and a corona ticket is required.
  • Admission ticket for transfer events. These are events where the public has no fixed place and there is a flow of people, such as a fair.
  • Tickets for events with and without a fixed seat (festivals, parties and performances). An event is a publicly accessible activity that is aimed at entertainment. A neighborhood or neighborhood activity that is organized for a) a limited group of people, b) that does not attract third parties (‘spectators’), and c) where entertainment is not the main purpose, does not require a corona ticket to be requested. Think of a neighborhood drink, a neighbours’ day, a bouncy castle for own residents, or an activity in which neighborhood residents undertake something together, such as planting facade gardens, cleaning the neighborhood, etc.
  • Admission ticket organized art & culture practice, such as: music lessons and painting lessons. Or, for example, rehearsals for singing, dance and drama. Spectators are allowed.
  • Indoor sports admission ticket: A corona admission ticket is required for indoor sports, this does not apply to outdoor sports. Sports facilities, including fitness areas at wellness locations, are also included. Spectators are not allowed.

f. Opening times

There are no stricter opening hours for regular welfare activities. However, for a number of subjects, adjusted opening hours will apply from Saturday:

Opening hours events. All events may last until 6 p.m. Art and culture performances are excluded from this.
Opening hours catering. The catering industry closes at 20.00

g. QR code and scan

It is important that at every location where a corona ticket is valid, it is scanned and the ID is checked and that everyone who visits such a location shows the personal QR code and a valid ID.
The “CoronaCheck Scanner” is available for professional and volunteer organizations that are involved in activities that require a corona ticket. An app with which you can easily check the corona tickets. This can be downloaded via your phone or tablet (CoronaCheck Scanner). It is also possible to show a corona admission ticket on paper.

Where can you go for questions?
Do you have questions about the applicable measures? Visit the website of the Central Government (Coronavirus COVID-19 | and the Municipality of The Hague () for frequently asked questions. You can also always contact your contact person within the municipality of The Hague.

Yours sincerely,

Steven Broers
Municipality of The Hague
Public affairs
Director of Urban Districts and Districts
Gerben Hagenaars
Municipality of The Hague
Education, Culture and Welfare
Director Youth and Social Support Act