Studio Mindful opened on 1 October 2016


At Studio Mindful you can learn how to live and work in a mindful way. In the stately, restful rooms of Mauritskade 49 group courses mindfulness for daily life will be given.
Do you make high demands on yourself and on others, are you restless or impatient, do you live more in your head than in your feelings, do you wish to enjoy your life more?
Studio Mindful has a number of unique specializations to offer. After long career as a GZ psychologist and manager in mental health care Yvette Kilian, owner of Studio Mindful, offers training courses for companies and a number of specific target groups like managers in the making, people with burn-out complaints, seniors, people who suffer physical pains, people susceptable to addictions.

For all information please go to

Mauritskade 49 (second floor)
tel. 06 13034398

28 September 2016, Yvette Kilian  (MM)