Summer cleaning Panorama Mesdag

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On Friday 7 July 2017 Panorama Mesdag started cleaning the panorama painting; in three months the three restorers will remove the grime from the surface of the  1.340 square metres of canvas. The last cleaning was in the nineties. Since then dust and soot particles settled on the canvas.
The cleaning process consists of three steps: the layer of dust is removed with a special vacuum cleaner. After that the greasy soot particles are removed with a specially suited sponge. This sponge loosens the dirt, like an eraser. After that the particles are removed with a soft brush. This way the colours regain their original clear quality. After this treatment the canvas and the paint will be better protected against future grime.

During the next three months visitors will be able to see the restorers at work. By means of an optical illusion one can imagine  standing on Seinpostduin with a view of Scheveningen in 1881 and then switch over to the restorers who, standing close to the canvas, look like giants. A unique experience one can have once every twenty years.

There is a temporary exhibition of material from the archives that show the creating of the Panorama Mesdag. And one can see a film about the restauration in the nineties.
The present cleaning of the painting will take the same amount of time Mesdag and his helpers needed in 1881 to paint it.
The restauration of the Panorama painting can be seen on working days during the opening hours of the museum.

Panorama Mesdag, Zeestraat 65
Open: Monday – Saturday 10.00-17.00 hrs; Sunday 11.00-17.00 hrs

7 July 2017