Sun Energy was never so affordable – until 31 October

The campaign for solar panels by ‘Groene Buurt’ and ‘Energy Guards’ has realized its objective in September! The aim was to generate 75.000 kWh per year, which equals  310 panels on the roofs of our neighbourhood. These have been installed and thereby we reduced our emission of CO2 by 40 ton.

Installing solar panels on one’s own roof was never so inexpensive. You now can generate your own electricity at the cost of 6 to 10 cents per kWh, which is not bad since the current rate is 22 cents. Combined with the purchase discount and the refund by the tax authorities of the BTW on materials and labour that brings in an average yield of 12%.

Thanks to the foundation ‘Klimaatfonds Haaglanden’ and its aim to make a measurable contribution to the CO2 reduction in The Hague, all participants in our solar panels campaign will receive retroactively a subsidy of € 25 per panel. This campaign ends on 31 October! Which means that the proceeds of your investment will rise with another 1 – 1,5%. When you do not participate now you will be robbing your own purse ….

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21 September 2015  (MM)