Sunny Summer Energy Cafe

The weather was fair at the fourth Energy Cafe on 7 June 2013. Residents came to hear about the three items on the programme: solar panels, the plans for the fermenting plant Houtrust and more green in the neighbourhood.

The first speaker, Michel Chatelin who is a member of De Groene Buurt Soep, explained with the help of graphics how absurd it is that we continue to depend on fossile fuel (the supplies of which are limited), where there is an infinite potential of natural energies: sun, wind, the warmth in the earth and all kinds of bio-energy.

Ardo de Graaf, one of the inventors of the Houtrust-plan, spoke about the project Bio-Gas-Plant Houtrust. The Houtrust Plant is a sewer purification plant. An investigation has been started to see if it can produce bio-gas and/or green electricity.

Annechien Meier, artist and in The Hague known for her green-projects, gave an inspiring speech for more green, more cooperation among city districts and the participation of our children.

The Fall Energy Cafe will be on Friday 6 September 2013.

21 June 2013