“De Haagse Vogelbescherming” (Society for the Protection of Birds) is interested in the swift population of The Hague. We know that swifts build their nests  in houses all over town, in gutters, behind broken roof tiles or in a corner between the roof and a dormer window, and that the occupants often are not even aware of their presence.   

Many people fear inconvenience because of vermin when they spot a nest under their roof. But people who had swift nests under their roof for many years tell us this is not the case. On the contrary, swifts eat great quantities of small insects. When they have little ones to feed the number of flies and gnats they catch may amount to 20.000 per day!

We would like to know how many nests there are and in which houses. When you know the location of one or more swits’nests, would you please let Dick Pescott know, who is a member of the fieldwork committee of the Haagse Vogelbescherming. A photo of the entrance to the nest would be a great help.

We publish a leaflet with information about swifts. When you want to ask questions about these fascinating birds or about our research, you can ask Dick at email  dick.pescott@planet.nl

23 April 2014, Dick Pescott en Loes Jalink