‘Takkenactie’ in the local woods

On 17 March a number of local residents began a ‘takkenactie’ in the Scheveningse Bosjes to clear away the great piles of branches left behind after this year’s annual tree felling. Under the guise of working ‘ecologically’ the Municipal Council only removed timber that was economically viable, leaving the woods looking as if a hurricane has hit it and the trails off the asphalt paths between the trees impassable.

We couldn’t believe it at first. Everyone we spoke to assured us the mess would be cleared up. But when we talked to council Groenvoorziening (Greenspace) department we were told this was not the case. Fortunately the department was prepared to adjust its policy and some of the debri was eventually removed. However, according to a large group who regularly walk or walk their dogs in the woods not enough; hence this initiative.

There is still a lot of work to do and you are most welcome to come and help! We meet at the coffee pavilion ‘De Prinsenvink’ on Kerkhoflaan every Saturday between 9.30 and 10.30, and as an incentive there will be a cup of coffee and homemade cake for every ten large branches dragged away.

Bert Huisman, Kiddy Kohnstamm and Hans van der Spek

22 March 2012 – Observation from the website editorial team
It is now the nesting season and this action contravenes the Flora and Fauna Act.