The Archipel School

Never noticed them before …  there are solar panels on the roof of the Archipel School!
Or do my eyes deceive me? No, that’s really what they are. There seem to be six panels and they have been there for over five years.

Photo: Scala Architecten

Right from the start the headmistress has been methodical: keeping track of the energy produced each week. The average amount of solar power generated annually is around 2,000 KWh.

The City Council has installed a display panel in the school corridor where the children can check the total amount of energy generated, the reduction in CO2 emissions, and how much energy the sun is providing  at any given moment.

Els de Jeu and her team feel it is their task  – as far as the extremely full curriculum allows – to make the children aware of how to use energy properly and how to behave in order to avoid wasting it.

Marjan Tessing
working group Sustainability
February 2012

Translation Antoinette van der Maas