The Face behind the Community support action for the Food Bank (31/10 – 2/11)


This time I spoke with Anne Tieleman who initiated the A&W activity to support the food bank. “I regularly went to the services in De Vredeskapel”, she told me, “and in the Protestant Church the first Wednesday of November traditionally is the day of  thanksgiving for the crop.
“I was there five years ago and on that occasion donations were collected for the Food Bank. A brilliant initiative, but it reached only the small group of people who happened to be present.
“That year I stopped working. I kept thinking about the Food Bank and I felt that the collection should be greater so that more people could become involved. So I started promoting it with flyers and I spoke to the shopkeepers. This is the fifth year that we will be campaigning in ‘t Klokhuis and Het Schakelpunt.

“The action lasts from Monday 31 October thru Wednesday 2 November. Volunteers will be present to receive the goods:
in ‘t Klokhuis between 9.00 and 19.00 hrs
in Het Schakelpunt between 10.00 and 12.00 hrs

“It would be great if all neighbours would contribute something for all those people who for food depend on the Food Bank.  Shampoo, soap and body care products too will be more than welcome.
“All the shopkeepers in the neighbourhood have been contacted and most of them join in with enthusiasm. We ask them to donate “preservable” products (for the baker and butcher that is of course not so simple), such as pasta, rice, coffee, sugar, tea and canned food. The dear ladies of the drug store saved samples of all kinds of products all year long, a welcome contribution.
“I wrote an article and sent it for publication to De Posthoorn, Scheveningse Courant and Den Haag Centraal hoping to generate as much publicity for the action as possible,” said Anne. “The shopkeepers get stacks of flyers that they can hand out to their customers. On Saturday 29 October we will hand out flyers to the shopping public. Cutting a long story short: we do all we can to make this action successful.
“I start my preparations at the beginning of September,” Anne told me, “I draw up the action-plan, contact authorities, make contacts, design the flyers, arrange for the crates to be brought and collected again, etc. etc. This year I got help from Marieke Alberts (Van Eijk Makelaars) and Patricia Nelson, an American expat I met last year in ‘t Klokhuis when she came to bring her contribution. She wondered about the amount of goods that had been brought in, she felt that in a neighbourhood like A&W there could have been much more. Spontaneously she offered to help and she promised to write an article for the Expat Newspaper. There are many expats living in our neighbourhood, so I am sure that will help,” said Anne.

“This year we invited Voedselbank Haaglanden (with multiple distribution points in The Hague) to give a presentation of their work. I seems that too many people know too little about the food banks; how does the system work? who is qualified to benefit? do they arrive in a big car to collect the (free) victuals!? All these questions will be answered on 18 October at 14.00 hrs in ‘t Klokhuis (entrance is free). I am looking forward to seeing you there!”

1 October 2016, Josephine de Vijlder  (MM)