The Face behind the Front Door: Estate Agency Van Eijk

Makelaar Van Eijk

In the archives of our website I found an article (dated May 2008) about the new start made by Elmer van Soest and Ron Timmermans. Since that time things have changed, Ron Timmermans has left the firm and I thought it might be a good idea to renew the acquaintance with Van Eijk Makelaardij (Real Estate).

The firm was founded in 1972 by Hannie van Eijk (who passed away in 2007),  which means it has been active over 40 years in The Hague and its environs. The website states that a professional approach and empathy are characteristic for Van Eijk Makelaardij and that a specific and personal approach have proved over the years to yield the best results.

Elmer affirms this wholeheartedly. “To be able to practise this profession one has to be a people’s person. A real estate agent plays an important part in the buying of a house and he can protect the client from problems. Sometimes he has to give the advice not to go on with a certain transaction. We provide a complete dossier with ground plans, an architectoral report, soil research, and a development plan.”

Elmer resents the increase of the number of rules and regulations. It stands to reason that everything must be properly placed on record and investigated into every detail, but that entails a lot of paper work and that is not his thing. “I prefer  to be on my way and meet people, instead of working at my desk. That is why I loved working with Hannie, she was very good at administration. We were a good team: she liked the office work and I liked to be outside.”

With Marieke Alberts (Hannie’s daughter) and two part time workers Elmer runs the estate agency. “I always wanted to be a real estate agent. I love architecture and everything cnnected with it, I love to meet people and I like manual work. Hence my passion for cooking and old English sportscars – hboth have a technical aspect. I have been doing repair jobs on my 1930 MG and I have no idea when I will be able to drive it, but I love tinkering the car and it relaxes me.

“We started the firm at number 99. We moved to number 107 and just before we started renovating the building we heard that number 109 was for sale. The ground floor now houses the office, the three appartments up the stairs are rented to expats.”

According to Elmer more expats buy houses nowadays, because they are here on a longterm contract. In the Statenkwartier as much as 40% of the population is expat!

Elmer says that Van Eijk and the ‘opposite neighbour’ are not in each others way: “We concentrate on residential property and mainly deal in houses in The Hague West, that is Archipel, Willemspark and Statenkwartier.

In the article of 2008 it says that Archipel/Willemspark are in the Top-10 of the most popular residential areas of The Netherlands. Elmer finds that a bit exaggerated, but that the district belongs to the Top-3 of The Hague is beyond dispute.

Are you looking for a house and do you appreciate a professional advice? Drop in at Van Eijk Makelaardij, Bankastraat 109.

Josephine de Vijlder  (30 June 2014, FH)