The Face behind the Front Door: Gransjean


Today, together with a cup of coffee at the neighbouring Brasserie Archipel, I had a nice discussion with Jochem van der Loos, who is the owner of Gransjean since 1 January 2014. He told us the following:

“My father had a delicatessen shop in Voorschoten. So, more or less, I learned this job at an early age. My uncles also owned various businesses in The Hague, including the one on Bankastraat: the name Van der Loos is part of the location here.

After the death of my uncle, my aunt was looking for someone to take over and found the Gransjean couple, people that my parents knew, who started with the business in 1998. During my studies on Small Business in Haarlem, I worked here part-time. As of 2007 I came here full-time and since 2014 I am now the owner. I kept the name Gransjean because in the meantime it has become part of the neighbourhood.

I have also followed a wine education during the evening hours, I often go to expos and my colleagues follow courses regularly to increase their knowledge and learn new products. Our clients are expecting good advice and you must have more knowledge than the client, right? A number of our clients buy regularly the same products but there is also a group which is curious about new products and this is a challenge for me.”

On the website, I have seen that they also take care of lunches for companies and there is a choice of 10 different sorts of bread and more than 50 (!) sorts of topping. Catering of parties and celebrations with various bites and wines is also possible. The extended variety of delicatessen consists, among other, of various olive sorts, balsamic vinegar, herbs, tea and daily baked fresh nuts.

In his wine cellar, Jochem has more than 300 wines: from Spanish, French, and Italian, to Argentinian, South African, and Australian.

“Twice a year (beginning and end of the year), I organise together with Carlton Ambassador hotel a wine tasting with about50 wines, where the importers are also invited. This is very appreciated by our (fixed) clients and we have, during the years, built up also a big wine circle of clients. A good wine does not always have to be expensive. My collection consists of about 50 sorts of wine at less than €10 per bottle.”

Recently, Gransjean ended at the third place in the list of the “tastier” traiteurs of The Hague according to the visitors of the website

“Actually, I am not a traiteur in the exact sense of the word but we do make a new dish every week and I consider this quite popular.”

Are you looking for catering for your coming party of do you just feel like a tasty sandwich with Gamberetti or Chevre Special? Then walk in the Gransjean on Bankastraat 12 or visit the website

Josephine de Vijlder, 9 February 2015 (DP)