The Face behind the Frontdoor: Galerie Dick van Straten

The beautiful and conveniently arranged website of Galerie Dick van Stralen informed me that its collection consists of more than 300 oilpaintings and watercolours by well-known artists of the 19th and 20th century. Among them I found a Herman Brood. I asked Mr van Straten “Does Herman fit in?” and he answered that he also has a small collection of modern art (Corneille among others). The art gallery with its modern interior is housed in the monumental building Javastraat 72. It contains 140 m2 exhibition space where one can admire landscapes, seascapes, a great number of paintings from the Romantic period and the “Haagse School”. Mr van Straten told me that he has been an art dealer more than 25 years: “I grew up with it. My father collected paintings, a large number of them landed in his restaurant in Rijswijk. The commercial spirit became manifest in me at an early age: when I was very young I sold renovated mopeds to my friends. For many years I worked from home and I work with well-established auctioneers.  September 2013 we set up this gallery on Javastraat. These days a substantial amount of the sales, both within The Netherlands and abroad, are made via the website. “The gallery contains a general room, a room for the ‘Haagse School’ and an ‘Asia room’. I specialize in art made by Dutch painters who lived and worked in the former Dutch East Indies and Asia. Those paintings are very colourful. They are in demand and with the growing of the economies in East Asia many of them find their way back to the Far East. “We also do restorations. I myself clean the pictures. Usuallye cleaning  the surface suffices to make a picture bright again. When more is needed I contract it out to my restorer.” Opening hours: Thursday thru Sunday, 12.00 – 17.00 hrs. Every Sunday one can get a free taxation or advice for restoration. According to Mr van Straten these are very popular, because it draws many visitors. Are you looking for a beautiful painting to match your new sidetable or decorate an empty wall? Have a look at the website and then visit Javastraat 72. 21 July 2014, Josephine de Vijlder