The faces behind the front door of Artmozphere

Jaap Postma and Isabel Schwencke

Behind this front door I had a very nice conversation with the artist couple Isabel Schwencke and Jaap Postma. Together they have, each with input from their own discipline, last December “Artmozphere” opened in top-of-the-line building in the Borneostraat number 229. The company is located on the ground floor and in the former, adjacent warehouse there are two more stories, one of which is a bedroom showroom with bathroom (with very modern bath-tub) !


Artmozphere is a place where you can gain inspiration and get advice for decorating your home or business by creating exceptional combinations of art, color and design. There is also an in-house store with smaller items, but everything that is here and hangs is for sale, Isabel reported. We also sell graphic art by, for example, Bram van Velde and Pierre Alechinsky. It is our intention to make the world a bit more beautiful and not only to inspire people but also to offer a meeting place. It is not without reason that they have placed a long, narrow table in the room for this purpose, which ensures contact with each other. In the hypermodern kitchen (I like to combine classic and modern, Isabel said) there is an impressive coffee machine. We still have to learn how the device works ….

All products have a story, Isabel said. For example, there are two Rietveld chairs that once stood at jeweler Steltman. The staff found these chairs much too modern and absolutely did not fit with the classic interior. So they had to go out the door.

Furthermore, it is the intention that in the reception room, a mini stage for poetry, theater and literature will be held on Sunday afternoons. This is clearly the area of husband Jaap. I am going to write for this myself, but writers and artists from the neighborhood are also very welcome, he reported.

Isabel has done the Royal Academy for Visual Arts in The Hague and graduated in Art and Art Policy at the University of Groningen. She has a lot of experience as a creative self-employed and is now a color consultant for the paint brand Farrow & Ball (in The Hague “exclusively” for sale at “our own” van Laar!) And is dealer / consultant for a number of renowned brands of furniture, tableware , textiles and lighting.

She always incorporates her knowledge of art in her advice to clients and she is also the “creative” brain behind Artmozphere.

Jaap studied political science and history and attended the High School of the Arts. He is a stage director, writer, TV and film actor and stage teacher. He has his own theater group – New Metropolis – with which he makes small-scale theater performances and also writes himself. The most recent performance is about the life of Maria Callas. He also works in the business world as a trainer / coach and speaker.

In short, an interesting and enthusiastic duo and an asset to the Archipel.

Have I aroused your interest? Then visit them.

Artmozphere is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12 pm – 6 pm

Josephine de Vijlder