The Future of Park Sorghvliet – Observations 17

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Park Sorghvliet is an attractive destination for a short walk. One needs a year-ticket of admission, which costs € 6,50 . One might find that a disadvantage, but on the other hand this brings advantages with it. The park is an oasis of quiet: dogs, bicycles and footballs  are not allowed and there are plenty of seats with a beautiful view.

Alderman Sander Dekker finds this a bit exclusive. He has asked the Dienst der Domeinen, by which the Park is governed, to open the Park to all  inhabitants of The Hague. In return the City would take care of the upkeep. For the time being (?) the Finance Ministry, of which Dienst der Domeinen is part, has refused.

To tell the truth, I am glad of this decision. In the Park nature can  have its way. But I think nature was not the most important reason.  My guess is that the security guards of the Catshuis, the gardens of which  border on Park Sorghvliet, adviced against opening the park.

October 26, 2012.  Frits Hoorweg