The Hague invests in ‘green roofs’ till 1 September 2011

14 May 2009 – From 1 June individuals and small businesses in The Hague can apply for a subsidy to install a ‘green roof’. The Municipality of The Hague is to invest €700,000 in the next two years in subsidies for green roofs in the city. A green roof is a flat or slightly sloping roof on which plants and even trees can be planted, and has many environmental advantages.

Property owners are eligible for a subsidy of €25 per square metre of ‘green’ roof up to a maximum amount of  €20,000. The initiative continues till 1 September 2010 as long as stocks last.


The green roofs will contribute in all sorts of ways to a better city environment. For example cutting down on airborne particulate matter and noise as well as taking the pressure off the drainage and sewerage system because the roofs absorb rainwater. In the summer they have a cooling and insulating effect on city and homes alike. And … they help prolong the life of the roof and give us a greener world.


The minimum roof area is 6 square metres.  The installation must be carried by a professional firm and comply with building regulations. Maximum subsidy per applicant is €20,000; the equivalent to an 800-square-metre green roof. Owners of properties with larger roofs can apply to the existing grant scheme for sustainable building.

An application form and details of the conditions is available from 1 June at district council offices and from and