The Hague presents Woonvisie (the new living vision) 2017-2030

16 January 2018 pac

The municipality has presented the new living vision. In it, the long lines will be set out until 2030 and an implementation agenda will be formulated for the next five years.

Read the complete vision online via:

Three central themes
The Woonvisie formulates three important themes:
1. Social-inclusive city
2. Attractive and hospitable residential city
3. Future-proof housing stock

Impact on the Archipelbuurt and Willemspark
This neighborhood is not discussed in detail, only briefly mentioned in an appendix as an example of a lively city district. It is therefore not clear how the most important goals from the vision (such as sustainability, affordable housing and life-cycle resilient living) in our neighborhood will be worked out.
It may be a good idea if we, together with local residents, make a start for this, when drafting the District Implementation Plan 2018.

David Struik,
board member Resident Organization A & W