The highest values of nitrogen dioxide at Javastraat!

The Netherlands will not achieve the EU norms

The Hague

Most probably, the Netherlands will not achieve the European norms for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) enforced since the beginning of this year. At two thirds of the 58 busy traffic locations measured by residents together with the Friends of the Earth, the concentration of nitrogen dioxide was measured to be above 40 µg/m3 in the beginning of this year. The European annual norm for nitrogen dioxide which is valid since 1st January 2015 lies on 40 µg/m3. The highest values were measured at Javastraat! The concentration here was at 55 ug/m3. During the day, a lot of cars and motorbikes ride through Javastraat and eventually they stay still for long because of the traffic lights. A reason to worry all residents about the air we are breathing when we ride or walk on Javastraat.

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Measurements results in a table

Measurements results on the map

Information from the website of the Friends of Earth, 10 March 2015 (DP)