The new Willemspark school is almost ready!

Judging from the situation right now, it seems that during the May holiday on the 6th and 7th the moving can take place. With the movers’ cars placed on own grounds, the disturbance for the neighbourhood will be kept to the minimum. The school has become a great building and the people must also see it one time, so after the move there will be a neighbourhood gathering planned.

The Municiplaity is taking over the renovation of the building on Frederikstraat and will provide further information. During that period, the children will use the entrance on the side of the Cantaloupenburg to access the grounds. Discussions are taking place with the local agent and the department of roads management in order to cause the minimum disturbance to the residents of the Cantaloupenburg.

12 March 2015, Elly van Bentem, Location leader of Willemspark school (DP)