The Nuisance called Sea Gulls + Reactions

Our beautiful neighbourhood is still ravaged by swarms of screeching sea gulls spreading filth. They are a protected species! They keep you awake and that makes it difficult to function properly during the day.
Gulls dirty our streets by tearing up  garbage bags. You can do something about that: file a complaint at the Municipality of The Hague at 14070 or send an email to . The Municipality has a department “Meeuwenoverlast” (sea gull inconvenience) and is obliged to help us. Moreover you can ask your neighbours to stop feeding the gulls. And do not put your garbage out on the street on the night before it is collected.

26 August 2015, Hans Bussink  (MM)


… A colleague of mine lives in Leiden. There they use yellow garbage bags. Apparently gulls cannot see the colour yellow. Maybe useful for The Hague?
Ashna Raghoebarsingh

…The Municipality of The Hague hands out yellow garbage bags to prevent sea gull inconvenience. Residents can collect them free of charge at the townhall, Spui 70 (as long as stocks last).
It may be wise to first call 14070 and ask whether the yellow garbage bags are still available.
Trudy Hollander
5 September 2015  (MM)