The Prinsevink is now called John and June Koffietent

The “John and June Koffietent” opened on Tuesday 15 October. How did they get this name?  Ask Alex about it and he will no doubt tell you. The owners Alex and Martin will run the restaurant together. That will undoubtedly go well because both have long experience in the hospitality industry. Frank (van de Prinsevink) remains in the background for advice if needed.

The whole has been painted and there are new tables and chairs and it looks tempting to have a cup of coffee or a beer there. The lunch menu is also a bit extensive, also worth a try.

The Koffietent is open on workdays from half past seven to six. On Saturdays you can also enjoy a snack and a drink, then they are open from nine to five. It may also be that the Koffietenttent will also open on Sundays in the future.  If they do, we will report that.

Pay a visit and good luck men!