The Year That Was: 2013

Looking back on the year 2013 we can say that a lot has been going on in our district and that the working groups have spent a lot of time and energy on behalf of it.

As has been the custom for many years we started 2013 with our New Year’s reception. Mayor Van Aartsen presented Liesbeth de Bles the royal decoration “Lid van de Orde van Oranje-Nassau” to honour her for 40 years of volunteer’s work in our district.

In view of the renovation of Bankastraat a new working group started, led by Derk Hazekamp. There have been several meetings with project-leader Andre Vos (Municipality) and early in 2014 there was a public meeting on the subject  in Brasserie Archipel.

There was a public meeting concerning the renovation of Laan van Meerdervoort and Javastraat; previously there was the meeting on 18 September at City Hall, organized by our Community Board, which was attended by Mr Smit, chairman of the traffic executive. Opinions differ on the proposed adjustments of Javastraat.

The Management Regulation Willemspark 1 was studied and our view was submitted to the Town Council.

The Walking Dinner,  organized by residents, was a great success. There were more that 100 participants – reason to repeat the event in 2014.

In April we were startled by a fatal traffic accident on the corner of Laan Copes and Bankastraat. Consultation with the Police and municipal services should lead to a safer traffic situation.

The celebration of the King’s Day brought many participants of all age-groups together on Bankaplein.  An enjoyable event, organized by the enthousiastic “Oranje Comité”.

Energy cafe’s were organized by the sustainability working group. A lot of information about sun energy collectors, a bio-gas plant and urban agriculture.  The three meetings drew dozens of participants.

The working group “Stichting ArchipelpoeZie” made itself heard: three new wall-poems were printed on three bare walls and unveiled.

The volunteers of “Het Schakelpunt” created the opportunity for the elderly people in our district to meet over a cup of coffee, five mornings per week.  Wednesday evening there is a dinner and on most of the feast-days “Het Schakelpunt” is open. In winter there is a monthly Happy Hour with snacks. A popular event.

The Community Newspaper appeared five times, in a circulation of 5000. The ever active editors provided lots of information and delightful reading-matter about the weal and woe of our district.

Our faithful secretary Trudy Hollander lost her job at BOOG. We are happy that she continued to work for us as a self-employed person.

The subsidy from the Municipality went down with 25%, which is problematic for our organization. But until now we always managed to make ends meet.

The year ended with the traditional Christmas Dinner for all the volunteers of the working groups. The distributors of the Community Newspaper received a lovely Christmas hamper.

Annette ter Kuile ended her membership of the Community Board, due to professional duties. She was a member of the Board for four years. We hope to introduce her successor from Willemspark before long.

The Board met 11 times,  the Community Council met 5 times.

24 January 2014, Folef Hooft Graafland,

Secretary Local Organisation Archipel & Willemspark

15 February 2014